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Hydrate! Water is one of the best things you can put into your body. We encourage you to drink at least two liters of water each day, more if you’re exercising considerably.

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Have a Snap Professional BUILD YOUR OWN salad at any of our Flagship locations (The Triangle in Austin, Kirby/Richmond in Houston) for $6.25. ***Custom Salads includes your choice of greens and up to 5 toppings. Each additional topping is 50¢*** You can also add a protein for an additional up-charge: --Tofu $1.50 --Grilled Chicken $2.50 --Grass-Fed Petite Tender $3.50 --Scottish Salmon $4.00 --Shrimp $3.50 --Sushi-Grade Tuna $5.00. Choose from an assortment of House-Made, Low Fat Dressings made from natural ingredients. -




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Nutrition Legend

  1. GF = Gluten-Free
  2. CC = Carb Conscious
  3. SC = Sodium Conscious
  4. ND = Non-Dairy
  5. PD = Paleo Diet
  6. PS = Paleo Style
  7. V = Vegetarian
  8. Vegan