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Do you know YOUR ideal calorie intake? Talk to the Snap Kitchen Registered Dietitian.

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Have a Snap Professional BUILD YOUR OWN salad at any of our Flagship locations (The Triangle in Austin, Kirby/Richmond in Houston) for $6.25. ***Custom Salads includes your choice of greens and up to 5 toppings. Each additional topping is 50¢*** You can also add a protein for an additional up-charge: --Tofu $1.50 --Grilled Chicken $2.50 --Grass-Fed Petite Tender $3.50 --Scottish Salmon $4.00 --Shrimp $3.50 --Sushi-Grade Tuna $5.00. Choose from an assortment of House-Made, Low Fat Dressings made from natural ingredients. -




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Nutrition Legend

  1. GF = Gluten-Free
  2. CC = Carb Conscious
  3. SC = Sodium Conscious
  4. ND = Non-Dairy
  5. PD = Paleo Diet
  6. PS = Paleo Style
  7. V = Vegetarian
  8. Vegan