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Snap Commit – 21 Days to a Leaner, Fitter You!

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“You don’t have to cook fancy or complicated masterpieces – just good food from fresh ingredients.” Julia Child

Need to lose a QUICK 10?

Beach vacation around the corner?

Are your eating habits keeping pace with your workouts?

We can help—TRY US ON FOR 21 DAYS!

Snap Commit is a complete three week program designed to help you get a fresh start on your physique.

“Behavioral Science Research states it takes 21 days to develop a habit. Get started on YOUR healthy lifestyle habit today!”

Snap Commit is three consecutive weeks of meals (breakfast, lunch, dinner, and two snacks each day) designed to fit your calorie intake levels and lifestyle to help you achieve your goals. The cost of the program is simply the cost of your meals.

Find the Snap Commit that’s right for you and you’ll get fresh, delicious meals for 21 days. Stop into the Snap Kitchen location that’s most convenient for your Commit pickups, and one of our friendly staffers can get you started on your Commit meal plan today!

Snap’s menu is approximately 99% gluten free, no white flour, no white sugar and full of minimally processed, handmade food. We only use low glycemic sweeteners like honey, palm sugar, dates and organic agave and our 21 day meal plans contain very little sugar. Kick your bad habits with a Snap Commit reset and take charge of your healthy lifestyle. Snap also has gluten free, Paleo and vegetarian meal plans available.

1,200 CALORIE PLAN – Ideal for most women – three small sized Snap meals and two snacks - $575*

1,500 CALORIE PLAN – Ideal for women with higher calorie needs and most men – three medium sized Snap meals and two snacks - $650*

1,800 CALORIE PLAN – Ideal for men with higher calorie needs – three large sized Snap meals and two snacks - $750*

*Meal plan pricing is an average of the standard plans.

To keep things fresh, you’ll get three days of meals at a time. Simply order by phone with 24 hour’s notice, and we’ll have your order packed up and ready to go! With curbside pickup, you won’t even have to get out of your car! Fast, easy and convenient meal planning.

No need to prepay with Snap Commit. Your meal plans are as flexible as you need them to be and customizations are always possible with Snap’s amazingly varied menu. Just remember to call and order your next three day pickup, stop into your Snap store of choice, and enjoy portion controlled, calorie controlled Snap meals for 21 days.

Snap Commit will not only help you achieve your weight loss goals, but will help with increased energy levels, decreased body fat, decreased hunger and fatigue, and more!

Just stop by one of our stores and ask us for more info.